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Affordable Driving Lessons in Mickleham from Drive Solo Driving School

With a fair amount of experience under its belt and a pool of some of the most experienced and competent driving instructors, Drive Solo Driving School is an extremely trustworthy and competent driving school in Mickleham , offering a comprehensive package of driving lessons in Mickleham at an affordable rate.

We are professional, yet cordial and warm and provide customised driving lessons in Mickleham that will not only help in the making of technically skilled drivers but will make our trainees responsible and sensible individuals at the wheel. Our driving lessons packages in Mickleham we come up with are a perfect combination of classroom and practical sessions, which help our trainees get over their nervousness and focus on the lessons with calmness and composure with focus on the details, which make them well prepared, technically as well as mentally, to crack the test at one go.

Besides offering training modules, we have car hire services for driving tests making our service one of the comprehensive and all-encompassing in the market!

Driving School

Our Driving Lessons in Mickleham

At Drive Solo Driving School, we come up with a wide range of driving lessons in Mickleham that are divided into several customer-centric packages. Our cheap Driving Lessons Packages in Mickleham are categorised into:

  • One Lesson Package of 60 mins
  • 5 Lesson Package of 60 mins each
  • 10 Lesson Package of 60 mins each

Besides, we also offer:

  • Car Hire for Driving test with of the test only – (no lesson cost applicable)
  • P-Ready Assessment Test
Driving Instructors

What makes our Driving Instructors in Mickleham Unique?

  • All our driving instructors in Mickleham are highly experienced with and are amongst the best in the industry, with a rock-solid technical skill and acumen
  • They are warm, cordial, and professional to deal with every individual trainee as per his/her mental faculty.
  • They ensure that they not only learn every minute detail of driving, but they are confident about their abilities. This will help them overcome their nervousness, get the better of their nerves, and crack the driving test in Mickleham at one go.
Driving Tests

What are the Advantages of our Car hire Service for driving tests in Mickleham ?

Our car hire service for driving test in Mickleham comes with a string of benefits:

  • All our instructors are well aware of the routes that are picked up on the day of the test. Hence, they will be able to provide you valuable tips about the do’s and don’ts – something that increases the probability of cracking the test at one go.
  • The Pre-test time will allow the instructor to mentally prepare the learner
  • The learner, on the other hand, will get the chance for the fathom advice of the instructor as well as tips about the questions likely to be raised during the test.
  • Our cars undergo regular inspections and hence are at the very pink of health and conditions at any given point in time. This makes sure that you the incumbents have a hassle-free ride during the test.
  • The rate of cracking is much hire when the test is conducted using the car from the driving school the trainee belongs to.

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