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Driving Lessons For Learners

Safe And Cheap Driving Lessons For Learners

Every learner comes with a different level of knowledge and skill set therefore we customise our structured lesson plans according to the needs of the learner. Our Aim is not just to get you a driver’s licence but to nurture you with excellent skills, knowledge and mannerism for safe and responsible driving. Our lessons cover all aspects of driving as shown in Learner progress report.

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Driving School

Why Use Our Instructor And Instructor’s Car For Driving Test Day?

Young drivers are very eager to pass the driving test and “go solo”. The driving test day is very crucial for them, as they have been waiting for this day. After all, they have been waiting for at least 12 months before they can drive a car independently. For them, passing the test means a gateway to freedom. Therefore, this day is one of the major events in any young driver’s life. On the day, the learners are usually nervous, and it is important that this anxiety is dealt with care. The driving instructor should be able to calm the nerves of the learner to prepare them for the test, both physically and mentally. Some learners choose to take the test in their parent’s or friend’s car or the car they have been learning in for long and are familiar with. Many choose their driving instructor’s car to attempt the test. DriveSolo – Driving School also offers learners, a Test Day Package that is much more than just a car hire.

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Driving Instructors

P-ready Assessment Test

The P-Ready Assessment Test is aimed to assess the driving skills that are needed to pass the VicRoads driving test. This entails 45mins on-road driving assessment and 15 minutes feedback along with a written report.

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Driving Skills

One Lesson Package: 60min

Our 1 hour lesson will tell you about your driving levels and areas where you may need to improve. Moreover, you will get to a chance to test your skills to pass the VicRoads practical driving test.

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Driving training School

Five Lesson Package : 60min Each

Our 5 hour lessons will give an opportunity to prepare you for the driving with your supervisor on L plates, means we will explain all the fundamentals of driving. However, drivers with some driving experience get a chance to prepare for the VicRoads driving test.

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Driving Professional

Ten Lesson Package : 60min Each

Our 10 hour lessons will definitely prepare a novice driver for the VicRoads practical assessment. In this package, we guarantee a driver will understand all road rules including parking hiccups, term and condition apply.

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